‘tis the season for skiing, top tips for getting on the slopes stress free

Hoping to take advantage of great snow on the slopes this year? You’ll find our travel tips will help to ensure your journey through the airport isn’t an uphill struggle.

top tips for getting to the slopes stress free


Don’t slip up – Check your airline’s baggage regulations

  • Are there additional fees for your skis?
  • What if you also have a snowboard?
  • Would your kit be classed as regular luggage?
  • Can other kit (poles, bindings, boots) be classed as one item of luggage?

Make the most of ski bag space

You are likely to be able to cram your ski pants and jacket in there but avoid additional fees by checking your baggage doesn’t exceed the permitted weight.

Try to pack one set of gear per person

Make the most of both sets of allowances

Don’t lock your ski or snowboard bags

Obviously metal objects can set off triggers for further checks or opening of your baggage at various stages pre-flight such as security and baggage handling.

Just in case

Damage or loss is possible during processing of your luggage. Check your insurance cover and consider the benefits of hard cases over soft bags. It’s also worth ensuring you have a set of ski gear and a repair kit in your hand luggage to prevent any delays in getting onto the slopes due to baggage delays. Your boot bag is ideal as a carry-on.

Useful links:

Here are links to the baggage regulations and advice from airlines that fly out to the major European ski resorts

Here’s to a stress-free journey and some wonderful days on the slopes followed by a little apres-ski!