New Year’s Resolutions: why travel should be one of them

With two weeks left in January, how many of your New Years resolutions have fallen by the way side already?

travel as a new years resolution

A third of us will have made New Years resolutions, according to a recent YouGov survey for The Times. You’ll find that travelling will help you to tick off at least five of the survey’s top 10 resolutions in one go!

Exercising more

Whether you start every day doing lengths of the hotel pool, taking a jog along the beach, or spend the days exploring local towns, you’ll be taking a lot more exercise than you would have done sitting at your desk at work.

Eating a better diet

There’s something about eating outside in the sun that makes a meal more enjoyable. You’re likely to order salads and lighter meals when the weather’s nice and hot. Back home the chilly temperatures are likely to make you crave stodgy stews and carbohydrates.  Exploring your resort’s local specialities might lead you to try new ingredients and add them to meals when you return home.

Losing weight

During your getaway you’ll probably get more sleep and spend more time relaxing. Many experts believe that this helps to prevent comfort eating and stimulates your metabolism. Combine this with the increased exercise and slimming summer suppers and you have all the makings of a lighter you. This does depend on how many of the local drinks and desserts you sample of course!

Spending more time with the family

What better way to focus on your loved ones than to take a trip out together to explore the local scenery and attractions. Parents can spend time helping their children to learn something new – from how to swim, to how to say ‘hello’ in a new language. Try to ensure there are a few hours where you all get a break from tapping away on tablets, phones and consoles.

Volunteering or doing more charity work

You might decide to swap your usual package holiday for a chance to ‘give something back’. Taking part in a voluntary project abroad can be rewarding, inspiring and educational. Fundraising challenges overseas can help you to improve your stamina and fitness whilst supporting a worthy cause.

Getting away from it all could be just the ticket to help you to meet your 2014 goals. A change of scene can help you to break old habits and change your routine.  All this and, depending on your destination, you can make the changes that are important to you whilst enjoying welcome winter sun.

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