5 reasons you should only travel in a pre-booked mini cab

Picture the scene, you just stepped out of a meeting either for work or on a social with friends and you need to grab a cab. You can’t find the taxi rank and need to catch a train pronto. If only you had pre-booked a mini cab, you’d now be safe and relaxed and on the way to the station or airport.

Sound familiar? Well don’t chance it with the guy standing outside the club touting for cab work and take note of our top 5 reasons you should only travel in a pre-booked mini cab.

  1. By pre-booking your mini cab you know you are getting into an official licensed Private Hire cab, offering a safe and secure way to travel to your destination. Minicabs are run by Private Hire Operators who are licensed by local Councils across the UK. If you don’t pre-book, you have no assurance they are genuine.
  2. Organise yourself – whether out in a group, going on holiday with luggage, getting to a meeting or even moving house, you might need a different sized car for each occasion. Avoid any last minute panic with the wrong size car by pre-booking the right mini cab for your needs.
  3. Timing – booking a mini cab can really help you to get to that important meeting or event on time, whether locally or out of town. Even if the traffic is bad, mini cab drivers can know all the shortcuts.
  4. Reliable – after a night out on the town, a pre-booked mini cab waiting outside your venue is always a welcome sight and gets you home safely.
  5. Competitive Fares – When you pre-book a mini cab, ask upfront for the cost and you can make sure you get a affordable price for your journey.  This also avoids that embarrassing situation when you don’t have enough money for the cab!

Whatever the time day or night, pre-booked mini cabs offer a safe, reliable and affordable solution to get you where you need to go.