UK Business Travel Tips


Are you are a seasoned business traveller in the UK or maybe you just have the occasional business meeting you are required to attend. No matter how long or short your journey is, there are plenty of things you can do to make the hours you travel for business less stressful and even a little more enjoyable.


Book Early

There are often big savings to be made the earlier you purchase your ticket or book your travel, whether travelling by plane, train or taxi for business. If you know well in advance about your business travel arrangements, then booking early could save you and your company money, but be aware that if plans change it can cost to amend tickets or if you have buy a new one.


Group Travel

If there’s a group travelling for business, then always ask what discounts are available. Often the more tickets you purchase, the more discount you get. If the business meeting involves an overnight stay and you require multiple hotel rooms you should receive a discounted room rate. You can also arrange for a larger taxi to share and keep travel costs to a minimum, just add the number of passengers who are travelling when you book your cab.


Get There on Time

Punctuality is essential for business meetings, and no one likes to arrive late and stressed. Pre-booking your travel arrangements from door to door makes life easier and has the best chance of ensuring you keep to time.

Big cities such as London, Manchester, in fact the majority of cities in the UK get crowded on public transport and even more so during busy times of the day such as rush hour. Trying to avoid these times will help your business journey go more smoothly. You can also pre-book a taxi ahead of time so you know you don’t have to fight for a seat or worry about how long it’s going to take you to arrive.


Flying for Business

If your business travel involves flying within the UK, getting to and from any airport is always a concern, especially with large and busy airports such as Heathrow. Planes wait for no one and being late just isn’t an option so remove the stress of driving yourself and parking at airports and book a reliable local cab firm to ensure you arrive in time for your flight. You can also pre-arrange for an airport taxi to be waiting when you arrive at your destination airport too.


Download Travel Apps

There’s an app for everything these days but some are much more useful than others. By downloading train operator apps, you can avoid nasty surprises and find out ahead if there are any delays or cancellations which will affect your business journey. The minicabit app lets you book and pay for your taxi on the go wherever you are, how convenient is that?