Getting Back To Uni With minicabit

Easter break is nearly over, the chocolate has all been eaten and it’s time to start thinking about going back to Uni. Travel can be expensive and on a limited student budget here are some great ways that minicabit can help you get back safely, on time and without breaking the bank.


Book a minibus

Other forms of transport can be expensive so if you and your friends are all going back at the same time why not book a minibus that picks everyone up on the way? When you book with minicabit the via option allows you to select up to 7 additional pickups and drop-offs so it’s easy to plan your route. You have the advantage of travelling from door to door and can pick your friends up on the way with extra catch up time before you get back. Groups travelling together can often save on train or coach fares by travelling in a minibus. With minicabit’s low rates for students, you already get a great rate but arrange a minibus to pick up on the way and you can share the cost with your friends which could make it cheaper for everybody.


Booking with minicabit is easy but if you’re not sure how it works check out our video which explains it all for you. With Live Support, we can help with any queries so ask away and we can help you and your friends get back safely and together.


Already booked your travel ticket?

If you’re super organised and you’ve already booked your return train or coach ticket, mincabit can still help. Pre-book your mini cab to take you and collect you from the station and you won’t have to worry about standing around and waiting with all of your belongings, or lugging them on and off multiple modes of public transport. With minicabit you let them know what time, how many people and how much luggage you have and then pick your cheapest quote. You get to pick the best value and have peace of mind that you and your prized possessions will arrive safely.


Getting back into uni life

Once you are back at University, you’ll soon be back in the swing of things. With the days getting longer, summer feels like it isn’t far away. Enjoy yourself but make sure you stay safe. It’s always a good idea to stick together when out, so make sure you book a minibus to make sure you all get home safe! When you sign up with minicabit you get extra features like favourite locations so it’s quicker and easier to pre-book. Or download the minicabit app – you can even use it via your Apple Watch – and book on the go.