Tips for Travelling with Kids

Whether you’re flying out for some Easter sun with your crowd or exploring the wealth of attractions and resorts in the UK, you’ll be looking forward to having some much needed time together. Here are our tips for taking some of the stress out of travelling with kids.

tips for travelling with kids

1.     Enlist your mini travel consultants

Give your children a selection of leaflets and let them choose some of the activities for your trip. Get them excited by providing activities in the lead up that help them learn about your destination such as the language or dialects, geography and cuisine of the region. Arm them with a camera and travel diary to record their adventures and share their experiences with school friends when they return.

2.     Say no to excess baggage

There’s no need to struggle with buggies through the airport or struggling to fit your clothes into your weight allowance because of nappies and formula. You can get great rates if you send your bulkier items of luggage a few weeks before you travel. Contact one of the many online baby product delivery companies and have your vital supplies shipped to your hotel or resort. You’ll also find that in most major resorts abroad you can hire baby and toddler equipment to save you lugging it all the way from home.

3.     Pack a Stay-Well Kit

No doubt your mind is racing about the many things that might go wrong on holiday. It’s natural to be concerned about the health and safety of your loved ones. Make a note of the sorts of situations you would like to prepare for and start putting a kit together of items that would help you handle or prevent crisis. Suncream, aftersun, plasters, soothing remedies or tablets for common holiday ailments, anti-bacterial wipes and lotions should be at top of your list.

4.     Embrace the different pace

Easter is one of the busiest times to travel and this means that there might be the odd traffic jam, late train or lengthy check-in queue. As all parents know, any activity that involves your children tends to take a little longer. It’s important not to pack too much into a day. Allow for locating toilets at the last minute, being a peace maker during the inevitable tantrums and hunting for that much loved missing toy that’s been dropped somewhere!

5.     Keep them safe in crowds

Having stirred their enthusiasm for their upcoming trip and encouraged their curiosity, the one thing all parents dread is a little one toddling off in a crowded place. Explain the importance of staying close and holding hands with a parent at all times. Traditional child reins and baby safety harnesses are a good option and can be combined with some new high tech solutions. It may sound a bit like a gadget from a James Bond film but a ‘child tracker’ is becoming a popular device for many parents if all else fails and they are separated from their toddler for any reason whilst travelling.

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