Want to own a piece of minicabit?


minicabit, the UK-wide cab booking website and app, entered BBC TV’s Dragons’ Den show in February and became the first app to win offers in the Den! minicabit’s CEO, Amer Hasan, attracted THREE competing offers from Peter Jones, Piers Linney and Deborah Meaden.

It’s just the latest sign of minicabit’s rapid progress, having previously received investment from O2, the mobile operator. Our mission to bring online cab booking to the UK’s masses has really taken off, with customers and businesses able to book via our website and app in over 30 cities across the UK…and counting!

As the era of the smartphone takes hold, the days are ending for when we called up cab office phone numbers from print directories and cards left on your doormat, having to gather cab quotes. As has happened with planes and trains, online booking of cabs is the future.

minicabit’s UK-wide focus on enabling bookings for long distance, not just local, cab trips is a fresh approach which both O2 and the Dragons clearly admired. It’s also why several of the UK’s largest concert arenas (The O2, Wembley Arena), London City Airport, Expedia, Blenheim Palace amongst many others, offer minicabit to their customers today, a key fact not broadcast on the show.

At the same time, Apple has highlighted our app several times in their App Store in the first year of its launch.

Given the momentum from the TV show, we want to raise more investment to scale our growth. But rather than let yet another London Venture Capital firm invest in us early and gain from our success, we’re inviting anyone to invest as little as £10 for an actual equity share in minicabit…so now, our success can be your success!

Are there any strings attached, for instance, that you need to be a customer of minicabit? Not at all. This offer is open to anyone, whether you use us or not.

As with any investment, there’s always an element of risk. After all, we’re helping to take an established UK-wide minicab sector kicking and screaming into the digital age, so there may be some speed bumps along the way.



Investing in minicabit couldn’t be more straightforward. We’re raising investment via the crowdfunding website, Seedrs, where you can

  • easily invest from £10 to £hundreds of thousands through a straightforward online process where they handle all the legal work and costs for you
  • get significant tax relief, if you’re a UK taxpayer, on the investment you make in minicabit since we qualify for the UK Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)
  • also receive promotional funds equal to 5% of everything your contacts (friends, colleagues) invest in minicabit via Seedrs after they join it using the unique referral code you get when you make a pledge.

To invest, click here or search for ‘minicabit’ on seedrs.com. You can also see a quick guide on how to invest in minicabit here :

So on minicabit’s Seedrs page, you can see details about our Idea, the Market and the Team.

  • Then click the orange ‘INVEST’ button
  • Follow the steps to pledge the amount you want to invest in minicabit
  • You then transfer to Seedrs the amount you’re pledging (by card online or bank transfer) and they hold your money
  • If we attract enough pledges to hit our target amount, your investment goes through, with Seedrs taking care of all the legal processes and costs on your behalf. And if we don’t raise our target amount, your pledge is cancelled and Seedrs returns your payment to your account
  • You’ll then see a Referral code in your Seedrs account. Don’t forget to send this to your friends and colleagues to receive promotional funds equal to 5% of everything they invest in minicabit via Seedrs after they join it using this code.

Note that if you’re a UK taxpayer, investing in minicabit via Seedrs can offer you additional tax benefits. This is because minicabit qualifies under the UK Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), where

  • you can potentially get upto 30% of your investment back in income tax relief
  • you can defer any capital gains tax on gains made elsewhere by reinvesting these gains in minicabit
  • any gains arising on the disposal of your shares may be exempt from capital gains tax, whilst loss relief is available if the disposal results in a loss.

To learn more about how EIS works, please read the online HMRC guidance or contact your professional tax advisor.

If you have any questions about investing in minicabit, please email invest@minicabit.com. Otherwise we look forward to you hopefully sharing in minicabit’s success!

The minicabit team