First week at University: 5 ways to help you settle in

The first week at University, whether a fresher or just coming back after the summer holiday break can be a little stressful.

First week at University: 5 ways to help you settle in

On one hand you’re excited and open to your new big adventure and on the other hand you have millions of questions inside your head and sometimes even feel a bit overwhelmed!

Every year, at the start of new term, minicabit’s nationwide network of cab firms helps hundreds of students get to their halls or student housing from their home town or if international from the airport.  With this in mind we’ve compiled the 5 best ways minicabit can help in making your life a bit easier in such a fun but chaotic time!

1.    Coming from the airport

If you’re coming from abroad that often means you don’t have to just adapt to Uni but also to a new country and language! It can really make you feel overwhelmed on your first week.

You can pre-book a cheap minicab with us online before you even get on board your flight.  minicabit’s network covers all the major airports in the UK so when you arrive you won’t have to worry about finding a taxi or navigating public transport with all your luggage. You will have a minicab ready and waiting for you.  The minicab company take a note of your flight number too – so if you are delayed etc they will track of your arrival time.

2.    Getting to know the city

It’s great to meet your new room mates for the next term, but if you’re a fresher, after unpacking, you’ll want to know a bit more about the new city you will be spending so much time in too.

A minicab can be all you need to take you to key places. Have a look at Visit Britain website, find your city and great places to visit.

3.    Going out at night

The first week at Uni is a great opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and the odd night out to settle in.

But when coming back to your halls or student accommodation and especially if you’ve been drinking, you need to be very careful and ensure you get back safely. By pre-booking with minicabit you and your new friends can party all night knowing that there’s a cab outside waiting for you.

With our handy app it also saves you the hassle of having to save a lot of taxi company numbers on your phone and also calling a taxi from the streets which can be dangerous at times.

4.    Getting the best price

If you’re on a student budget you want the best rates for everything, right?

minicabit not only have cheap rates but we have specific low taxi rates to Uni students, so you can still enjoy the benefit of using a taxi within your budget.

5.    Anywhere you go all year round

We’re not here just for Fresher’s Week.  We know that students go home for the weekends, visit friends at other Universities, go to music concerts, dating, etc.

By pre-booking with us, you always know we’ll be there to take you safely wherever you need to go.

Bonus tip: Don’t panic if all seems too overwhelming. Soon everything will look familiar and you’ll realise you’re having the best time of your life!