What happened after the Dragons’ Den show…

Amer here, aka minicabit CEO. Well it’s just over 2 weeks since minicabit’s dramatic TV appearance on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, and our success in being the first mobile app to win offers on the show. Despite of course knowing the outcome, even I could see how things looked up and down as I only I got to see the final cut at the same time as the viewing public! Indeed, the memories came flooding back as to how tense things actually got in the Den before getting a result. If ever you’re thinking of going in the Den, you can read my tips on what you should consider here

We’ve now just come up for air as we were inundated with the demand of viewers across the UK who saw us on the TV broadcasts (on 2nd February and its late night repeat 2 days later) as well as on BBC iPlayer. Add to that same week a public transport strike in London where booking a cab with us was one of the few options around, and one can say it was a pretty stimulating experience for our Operations team!

At the same time, we’ve had a phenomenal response from cab operators around the country, with another 100 cab firms signing up to our network in the week of the broadcast alone! This further widens the choice of great cab deals up and down and across the country on minicabit. Clearly, our mission to bring online cab booking to the UK’s masses is resonating with customers and cab operators alike.

But what’s been particularly heartening for our team and I is seeing people volunteering tips to us on ways to improve our service, from indicating their favourite cab operators that we should work with, highlighting the odd quote that could be more competitive, to even how to make our app more accessible for visually impaired users. The positive spirit of customers who sincerely want us to succeed puts a spring in our step as we grow the business, and I can assure you our team are noting down all your feedback. Feel free to provide any more thoughts on our ‘Contact us’ page.

By the way, in the Den I mentioned how we’re working on a special offer for customers of O2, the mobile operator who’s one of minicabit’s investors. Well that offer is now live – if your mobile number is with O2, you can get £5 off any pre-paid cab booking with minicabit (min. £10 value). Simply get the promo code from their O2 Priority Moments app and enter it in our ‘promo code’ box when booking on our website or app, and you’ll see £5 knocked off the price when booking.

If you’re not an O2 customer, don’t worry, we love you all the same! In fact we have some really exciting things coming up for everyone, so stay tuned…