Travelling Overseas For Business – minicabit’s Top Packing Tips

Whether you’re off on an overnight business trip or to a week-long conference, making sure you’ve got the essentials when travelling is imperative to your performance in the workplace. Take a look at our must-pack items to make packing for your business trip that little bit easier.


Carry an overnight bag or lightweight suitcase

The last thing you want is to be carrying a heavy suitcase or backpack when travelling, especially when you’re wearing your best suit (no time for creases here). Lightweight luggage will make life easier when travelling to and from the airport and most of the time you can get away with using them as hand luggage, so you can avoid paying excess luggage fees!


Bring the right clothing

Always remember to check the weather of your destination a couple of days before travelling, this will give you more of an idea of what to pack in terms of how warm or cold you could end up being and whether you’ll need space for a bulky and heavy coat! Over a weekend, you could get away with one jacket, two pairs of trousers, two shirts and two pairs of underwear, plus a couple of ties and a pair of shoes. If you’re off for more than a few days, a second jacket will probably come in handy along with a couple more shirts. Make sure you’re matching your outfits as you pack and try to avoid any materials that will crease very easily.


Create a checklist of work items to pack

The worst thing is getting to a meeting or conference and realising you’ve forgotten your business cards! Don’t just think about your laptop and a notebook… think carefully about whether you’ll need hard copies of reports, as you may not always be able to locate a printer at your destination. Don’t forget to pack the correct chargers for your laptop, mobile and work phone and always make sure you have plenty of business cards to hand out also as these can potentially be the most important tool in your arsenal!


Don’t forget the major essentials

Ever feel like you’re completely packed and ready to go, when suddenly, with one foot out of the door… PASSPORT! Always double, double check that you have your passport if you’re flying abroad and make sure to keep it in the same place every time you put it away, whether it’s in the inside pocket of your jacket or in the front pouch of your bag. Moving it around constantly between bags and pockets will only confuse you and lead to blind panic at the gates. Make sure you also have any travel visas that you will need also to avoid the awkward situation of not being let into the country!


Book a cab

Last, but not least, pre-book your cab to and from the airport so you know you’ve got guaranteed travel and you can arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and ready to go. minicabit provides airport transfers to all major UK airports so you’ll never struggle to get a cab!