Top 5 Business Apps

If you think that apps are just for the kids and to have some fun with, then think again. There are thousands of apps available for mobile devices in today’s app market and it’s easy to miss some useful Business apps that can really make your working life that little bit easier.

Top 5 business apps

Here are 5 apps that can make a real difference to your workload by helping keep you up to date, getting you where you want to go on time and lending a hand in organising your travel arrangements.

Trip Case app – If you travel then the Trip Case app is a handy place to keep a note of all your travel information from flight numbers, hotels and taxi’s! Forget unreadable notes scribbled on scraps of paper, when you download this free travel app you can manage both personal and business trips all in one place and make sure you have the right information at the right time. The Trip Case business app will also automatically import your Google and Outlook calendars.

Minicabit app – As seen on Dragon’s Den in 2014 and the first app ever to receive offers from the Dragons, minicabit has revolutionised how you compare quotes for cabs in the UK. An easy to use free personal and business app where you can book licensed cabs, saving time, money and effort. Ideal for business travel anywhere, especially when travelling to and from airports and train stations for business meetings to ensure you get there on time by pre-booking your cab.

Pocket app – When you are on your computer or browsing the web on your phone you may come across articles or something that grabs your attention that you want to read or view (perhaps offline) later. The Pocket app lets you save nearly anything in your ‘Pocket’ and revert to them easily when you have the time to sit and view the article, image or video.

SignEasy app – This Signeasy business app enables you to electronically sign documents when you are on the move without the hassle of having to print paperwork, sign and then scan it. The app is able to communicate with popular cloud services and you can also collect other signatures on the same paperwork making it ideal for signing contracts, saving time and money.

Google Analytics app – Google launched their Google Analytics mobile app in 2014 and is an essential business tool app to monitor your website’s performance while travelling or just when you’re away from the office. It’s ideal for website development managers to small business owners as you can access all of your Google Analytics web and reporting profiles on your mobile or tablet anytime, anywhere. No waiting until you get back to the office to get all the free Google analytics information.

All of these apps are free and available on iPhone and Android so whether you pick one or two of these great business apps or go for all of them, you’ll soon wonder how you ever managed without them!