Our New and Improved App!

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We’re excited to tell you about the first of many new features we’re launching this year – a brand new design of our mobile app for iPhone, and now available (finally) on Android!

We’ve kept what you love about our service, addressed what could be improved, and added new features that make even the most complex cab trips easy to book. On top of that, you still get to instantly compare and book great cab quotes from well over 500 cab operators in over 40 cities UK wide, for local and long distance trips!


A new homescreen – we don’t force you to register/log in or give us your card details before you’ve even booked. Instead, you can get available quotes straight away by just entering your locations and then refine them for your requirements (date, time etc.).
We’ve added a few extra touches – the homescreen changes according to whether it’s daytime or night time. And to avoid booking a 12am pickup time (when you actually meant midday), the time picker is shaded by day or night.

As before, you can book a return trip upto 12 months ahead in one go.  But now we’ve added the ability to book upto 7 stops on the way to your destination, so picking up or dropping off your friends, family or colleagues couldn’t be easier.

Passenger Selector

No. of passengers – choose upto 8 passengers and vroom through the increasing size of car

Luggage Selector

 Luggage selector – probably our favourite feature so far. When taking a cab, we know that taking luggage doesn’t mean you’re only ever taking suitcases and carry ons to an airport. You might be going on a ski trip, or camping at a festival or moving house. So here you can also add the everyday items one actually carries, er, like a 60 inch TV, a snowboard, a bag of clothes or just a suitcase. And no need to work out if you need an estate car or a people carrier – just add the items and we work out the right sized car for the number of passengers and luggage you’ve told us about.


With minicabit, you’ll see quotes from available cab operators based not only near your pickup area, but also near your destination. This way, we show you the widest choice of quotes, lowest price first, which you can also filter by Executive Cars where available.

On picking your quote, you can then choose (where indicated) to pay by card upfront or by cash to the cab driver.


And to make it easy to book again, just click ‘save these details’ so you don’t have to re-enter your passenger details next time.

We’ll be adding lots more cool, really useful features to the app, so please check for updates. If there’s something you don’t like or think should be improved, please let us know at info@minicabit.com. And if you do like it, we’d appreciate if you can share the love by posting a quick review about it on your app store.

Download the app now for iPhone and Android.