13 tips on how to plan a trip for a large group

Planning a trip for a large group can be tricky but organising certain things in advance will help to take much of the stress out of the situation. Read on for our top tips and practical travel solutions so you and your group can enjoy a trip with minimum stress and maximum fun!

13 tips on how to plan a trip for a large group

Get numbers early – To make planning your trip and booking excursions easier, find out how many people can go and agree on a date for your trip. At minicabit, we can book for up to 8 passengers at a time and with our handy cost per passenger feature, splitting the bill is easier than ever.

Designate a leader – This is probably you if you’re reading this! Although everyone should have a say in the trip it’s important that the group has a leader to reduce any potential conflict. The leader will be responsible for ensuring the trip is booked correctly and should ensure all other members of the group have enough information.

Create a budget – Plan how much you will likely be spending on activities, accommodation and travel. It is often a lot cheaper and a lot less stressful to travel via minicab than train. At minicabit, we aim to provide you with fuss free travel, from booking to arriving at your destination, minicabit will have you covered.

Learn about your destination – Research potential locations to ensure the final destination is suitable for the whole group. You could even put together a handy information pack for each member of your group with maps, contact information and a mini translation guide.

Book central accommodation – Managing a large group of people can take time. To make things easier, and to give your group more time for the fun stuff, try to book accommodation that will be central to the group’s activities. This will help to minimise travel time to and from places. It’s also a good idea to have a back-up plan should something go wrong.

Book in advance – Whether it’s galleries, day trips or travel, you’ll find some great early bird offers and group discounts available if you try booking in advance. Did you know minicabit allows you to book your taxi up to 12 months ahead? No more worrying about everyone getting to the airport on time!

Pre-book luggage – When traveling with a large group a very real concern is fitting everyone (along with their luggage) in the car. minicabit gives you peace of mind by allowing you to pre-book any pieces of luggage on any trip. Even if you want to bring along a Ming vase, just let us know and we’ll get it on board safely.

Have multi stops – There’s no need to worry about everyone getting to a central pick-up point on time as minicabit allows you to specify up to seven pick-up points, perfect for picking up or dropping off everyone in the right place, at the right time.

Find out the quickest route – If you are planning more than two pick-ups (vias) minicabit will tell you the quickest and cheapest routes to your destinations which allows you to better plan pick-up times and saves you money!

Travel insurance – Ring around for group deals on travel insurance and split the cost between the group for peace of mind that should anything go wrong, everything will be sorted.

Get everyone’s opinion – Everyone has different ideas of what makes a good trip; plan jam-packed days full of outings and mix them up with relaxing days where you can have a laze by the pool with a book or go for a swim in the sea so everyone gets a chance to enjoy a range of different activities. You could also plan days where the group can split off into smaller groups and join up again at the end of the day.

Keep everyone up to date – Create a social media page that everyone can join in order to stay updated with plans for the trip. You can also use this to share photos once you return home.

Check in regularly – Arrange checkpoints for certain times in case anyone gets lost. Give each group member a schedule so everyone knows where they need to be should they get separated.

Whatever trips you have planned, enjoy and have a great time!