10 Top Holiday Packing Tips

10 top holiday packing tips

Whether you are a throw in all in the night before kind of packer or you carefully tick things off your checklist as you fold everything meticulously into your suitcase, here are 10 holiday packing tips to help out everyone.

1.  Buy a Lightweight Suitcase

If your suitcase has seen better days (you know the one with the dodgy wheels that feels like its full when empty), why not take the opportunity to buy a new lightweight suitcase.  Not only will this make life easier travelling to the airport, but also will enable you to get more essentials into your case and avoid paying excess luggage charges.

2.  Check what your hotel provides

It’s well worth checking what the hotel facilities include, many hotels will have a hairdryer, provide pool towels and even an iron if you request it so you can save packing these large and bulky items.

3.  Save money with luggage scales

You can put your case on the scales at home but how many times have you been caught out coming home from holiday and had to pay excess luggage costs.  A simple battery operated hand luggage scale can make sure you don’t have any embarrassing moments when you check in at the airport.  Remember, if your luggage is over the weight you can always put some more clothes on, airlines don’t weigh you only your case!

4.  Use Tape to prevent liquid spills

Avoid the nightmare scenario when you open your suitcase and find your shampoo has leaked over your clothes.  It’s not how you want to start your holiday so simply put some cello tape around the lid opening ensure there are no spillages.  You can also pack bottles inside shoes to stop them from getting squashed and splitting or place them in a sealed plastic lunch box to prevent any spills from getting on your clothes if you’ve got the space.

5.  Take some first aid essentials

Be prepared, these are always handy whether it’s paracetamol for the morning after or a plaster for a blister.  A few first aid essentials can save a trip to the pharmacy and let you enjoy your holiday.

6.  Hold luggage versus hand luggage

If you are off on a weekend break, why not just take hand luggage and save the time checking in hold luggage (always massive queues) and waiting to collect your case from the carousels.  Even the budget airlines are relaxing the rules by allowing additional handbags as carry on luggage, but it’s always best to check with the individual airlines beforehand.  Remember the liquid rules as well and don’t get caught out at Customs.

7.  Prepare for lost luggage

It will never happen to me!  But just in case why not put a few essentials in your hand luggage.  If there are two of you travelling you can always pack some items into both cases to cover all bases here.  It’s also worth ensuring you have luggage labels with your name and address just in the case worst happens.

8.  Holiday Packing List

Even if you are not a list maker, why take the chance of forgetting your passport!  Simply jot down the essentials and avoid the last minute panic as to whether you’ve got everything.  Don’t get hung up on the list though, otherwise you can spend longer writing it than it takes to pack in the first place.

9. Don’t forget chargers

Rightly or wrongly, we can’t operate without technology today, even on holiday so don’t forget to pack your phone, camera, e-book chargers.  There’s nothing worse than unpacking your case to realise your phone charger is still plugged in next to your bed at home.

10.  Book a cab

Avoid airport parking stress by booking a cab so you arrive at the airport relaxed.  If you book ahead you can specify whether you need kids car seats or have a lot of luggage, especially handy if you are taking a surfboard!

Our holiday packing tips will have you packing like pro and finally, remember you’re going on holiday, be happy and enjoy.