Top 5 Winter Sun Destinations

Is the January weather getting you down in the dumps? Well, why not do what thousands of Brits do and jet off to a new destination for some much needed Vitamin D? But how do you know where to go? Check out our list below of our favourite winter sun destinations!



Tenerife is perfect for relaxing while not being overly hot or humid. In January and February, the temperature sits at around 20C before steadily warming up from March. As a useful tip, the north of the island can be a little wetter, so if you’re after a warmer and drier climate, then travel to the south of the island!

There’s always plenty to do in Tenerife, from spotting, and even swimming, with dolphins to playing relaxing rounds of golf, from exploring the lush green mountains to watching local performance theatre. Flight time is also around 4-and-a-half hours, so not a hugely lengthy journey either, plus there is no time difference between the UK and Tenerife in winter, so no jet lag!



Who could resist the call of the Caribbean? If you prefer things a little warmer, Barbados stays at around 25C – 30C until April! With it’s luscious and seemingly endless beaches, the destination is the perfect place to lounge around and perfect that tan. The sun warms up the sea to around 26C, so there won’t be any frightful shivers when you dip your feet, a leisurely swim in the shallows is definitely on the cards. The Garrison Savannah racecourse is a must see, and if you get the chance, make sure to catch a race; it truly is a spectacle! Submarine tours will take you below the surface of the Carribean sea to view the amazing coral, fans and fish and a walk around the Hunte’s Gardens will leave you feeling both relaxed and in awe. Flights are on the lengthier side at around 10 hours but there is plenty of time to regain your strength at this peaceful destination.



The island of Rhodes in Greece stays a little cooler in the winter months but still stays between 16C – 20C during the day, meaning the large island can be explored without feeling lethargic due to the heat, and there is plenty to explore! The Medieval City of Rhodes, or The Old Town. is magnificent to explore with it’s Gothic architecture dominating the streets. The twisting lanes are a joy to get lost in whilst the friendly locals are always on hand to show you around their unique market stalls and shops. Further south in Lindos, you can marvel at the Acropolis of Lindos, which dates back to 9th century BC! Choose to hike or ride your way by Donkey to the top to fully explore the ancient Temple of Athena, churches, mansions and age-old burial sites.



White sand beaches and palm trees for miles, Miami truly is the heart of the sunshine state of Florida. Until April, temperatures stay at around the low twenties before starting to rise to over 25C. Miami has more of a buzz but that’s what makes it so special! From the amazing Art Deco district, containing over 800 buildings from the 20’s to 40’s, to the community spirit of Little Havana, where the Cuban vibes are raw and real. If the vibrant atmosphere does get a little too much, then head to the tranquil Key Biscayne, an island offering quiet beaches, cycle paths and swimming. Make sure to take it easy the first couple of days due to the 10-hour flight and 5-hour time difference.



Madeira is another European destination with a steady warm temperature and sunny bright days throughout winter, averaging around 16C – 20C until April. There is plenty to do on the island, and visiting the Botanical Gardens at Quinta do Bom Sucesso is a must do, showcasing Madeira’s unique and colourful range of native flowers, trees and plants, including their renowned orchid collection. Take to the water to catch whales, dolphins, and most importantly, the colony of rare monk seals, of which around 40 live. A short flight of around 3 hours and 35 minutes makes Madeira easy and quick to get to without feeling too worn out from travelling.