What To Pack For Your Ski Holiday

The snow is finally laying across the ski resorts; it’s nearly time for your holiday! But packing for such a trip can be a little daunting as there is so much more to take than your average holiday. It’s essential to be organized, whether you are taking your own ski gear or hiring when you arrive. Aside from your ski gear there are lots of other little extras you’re not going to want to forget! Check out our packing checklist to make sure you’ve got all you need!

Clothing – You’re going to want to make sure you’re ski clothing takes up the majority here as you’ll probably be in them from sunrise to sunset! Make sure you’ve got the essentials like your jacket, salopettes (ski trousers), ski gloves and socks, and don’t forget to pack your thermal base layers and underwear, by any means! You’ll need fewer ‘normal’ clothes but make sure the ones you do take are nice and warm. Don’t forget, a good wooly hat and some goggles or sunglasses are also essential! The right clothing will make your experience all the more comfortable.

Skiing/Snowboarding gear – If you’re a beginner then it’s probably best to start off hiring equipment at your resort before you splash out on any gear. You never know, you might not enjoy snowboarding as much as you thought you would and then what do you do with the expensive snowboard you just brought? Now you’ve got to lug it around! So, beginners, either borrow or hire until you’re sure it’s the right fit for you! For experienced skiers and snowboarders, make sure to check that your transport to and from the airport will be able to fit all the items you need to take. There is quite a lot so make a checklist – skis, poles, helmet… they’ve all got to go in!

Travel essentials – If you’re off to a different country for your ski holiday, remember to pack the correct currency and travel adaptors! You also can’t go wrong with a good first aid kit, full of painkillers, plasters and any medication you may be taking. It’s always good practice to keep a list of medication you are taking in your first aid kit in case of an emergency.

Travel documents – We know that the excitement of getting out of the door and on the way to the airport can sometimes cloud your mind. Make sure to double, double check that you have your passports, tickets, health insurance papers, airport transfers and any paperwork needed when you reach your resort.

With so much luggage in tow for a ski holiday, it’s a good idea to pre book your travel to and from the airport to make sure your holiday can get off to a quick start! Rest assured, minicabit’s luggage selector will tell you which cab providers can accommodate for your extra equipment.

Wherever you are travelling to, we hope our packing checklist has helped clear your head for the all-important pack! We hope you have a great trip!