Staying Safe Whilst Traveling


As the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year approaches and the evenings start to get darker and darker, we know it can be particularly stressful and expensive to get around, and sometimes you just want the convenience of jumping on public transport or to jump into the nearest cab you see. But the last thing you want to be doing is rushing around busy cities as this can lead to forgetting things or a lower sense of awareness, so follow our top tips to make sure you travel safely around the UK this winter.

Plan Ahead

Sometimes a spontaneous trip can turn into something all the more frustrating. Not knowing public transport timetables or where you should be going can be stressful, even when our smartphones are telling us where to go. If you do go on a spontaneous trip, then make sure to read a little about the area beforehand and rely on a certain way to get home. Pre-booking a cab is an easy and secure way to have a relaxing journey and get to your destination without a hitch.

Stay aware

In these busy times, the streets and public transport areas can get very full and the pace of walking can drop to a dull waddle along the pavement. Remember to keep your belongings close to you and make sure your bag is secure by making sure it is firmly closed. Avoid wearing headphones as this can reduce your awareness of your surroundings and make sure not to draw attention to any valuables such as mp3 players, phones and cameras. Make sure to be aware of what’s going on around you, especially in larger moving crowds and try to check the ground you are walking on as you move, you never know when there may be a rogue curb or some steps in a crowd of people.

Make sure you’re all charged up

As much as it’s tempting to snap lots of photos on your phone and check into social media when you visit an exciting place, it’s important to keep your phone battery alive so you can make calls to family or friends to let them know you are safe and when you will be arriving home. It’s also useful to keep it topped up so you can regularly check public transport times for any changes to timetables and get updates on traffic and news.