Share the fare, only with minicabit

Ever had to run a cab quote past your mate, boss, parent (or maybe all three!) before you booked? Or needed someone else to actually pay for the booking? No more having to spell out all the details for them.

Only with minicabit can you now send them a link that shows them the quote for your trip criteria, including your bits of luggage. You can then email the link, post it on your Twitter/Facebook/Google+ (remember to enable pop ups from minicabit) or even copy it for an SMS.

Why not try it out? Given we cover over 40 cities across the UK (that still includes Scotland), below are just some of the gazillion example bookings you can make in even less clicks than before! :

2 people with 2 small cases, from London West End to Heathrow Airport

4 people with backpacks and a tent, from Manchester to Lake District

1 person with a golf bag and a marble bust of Justin Bieber (you know who you are!), from Lands End to John o’ Groats