Getting Your Christmas Party Organised

With only weeks to go until Christmas day, there’s likely to be several Christmas party invites on your fridge from the office party, to friends and family getting together at this special time of year to celebrate and enjoy an evening out.

Whether you are attending a party this Christmas, hosting one or you’ve got the short straw and the task to manage the Christmas office party you want everything to run smoothly. Take a look at our at last minute tips for getting your Christmas party organised, running without any glitches and of course some fun ideas.


Send out reminders
Christmas is such a busy time for everyone and things can get easily forgotten. At this time of year no one will mind if they get a reminder by text, email or a quick phone call to confirm dates and times of your Christmas party.


Christmas shopping
To buy a gift or not…that’s the question. There’s nothing more embarrassing than attending a party and for friends or family to give you a Christmas present when you don’t have one to give in return. If you’re not able to discuss ‘present buying’ before the event then taking some chocolates or flowers is a good idea, it’s a simple gesture to say thank you for the invite.


Secret Santa
Everyone loves a Secret Santa, it’s a fun and an affordable way to buy gifts for work colleagues at the office party or if you’ve got a big family. Let everyone know before hand that it’s happening and set a budget so you all spend the same. Sometimes the smaller the budget, the more fun the presents are.


What to wear
Dress code at Christmas always varies, with some people comfortable in jeans while others dress to the nines and add some Christmas sparkle. If you’re hosting a Christmas party there’s no harm in letting people know the dress code whether smart casual or black tie.


Table plans
A table plan works well if you’ve got a small gathering, maybe family members who don’t always see eye to eye or perhaps you have a larger company and you want the team to mingle a little wider than their department.


Christmas is a time for merriment so take some of the stress away and organise some games for your Christmas party. Whether you do a fun ‘awards’ ceremony for staff e.g. The Tidiest Desk Award or a Christmas quiz it adds a bit of fun to the party.


Disposable cameras
Still a fun idea, even with everyone having a smartphone these days, put a disposable camera on each table for guests to snap away during the evening. You never know what you might find when you develop them!


Book a cab in advance
With all that Christmas cheer flowing, remember to pre-book a cab before the party so there’s no last minute panic and you know exactly how you are getting home, especially for extra busy nights like Christmas Eve.


Here’s to a memorable Christmas party… that’s if you can remember it!