6 Things to do this May Bank Holiday

6 Things to do this May Bank Holiday

We’ve scoured the country for that ‘something different’ you’ve been looking for during that lovely extra day off we have coming up. Sure, you’ve left it till the very last moment, but there really are no limits. Worried about booking hotels? – Let minicabit take you there and back in a day with no worries about feeling tired at the wheel. Enjoy one of our days out this May Bank Holiday, then let us pick you up and get you home while you relax in the passenger seats!

1. Set sail for the Norfolk Broads Outdoor Festival

This watery wonderland in East Anglia is the set for a two-week celebration of the stunning landscape, rich navigational and touristic heritage, arts culture and abundance of wildlife. Boat races, canoe trails and guided walks will energise the whole family.

2. Get hooked on the fun at Brixham Pirate Festival

You can really make a weekend of this three-day Jolly Roger jamboree. Yes there will be eye-patches, wooden legs, parrots and hats with three corners, but there’s much more than that! If you like you weekend’s lively, the re-enactment enthusiasts battling, buskers and street artists dazzling you with their unique acts will keep you entertained. Best of all, once your minicabit driver has dropped you off in Brixham, all the action takes place within walking distance, in the town’s streets and harbour.

3. Live for the weekend in Leeds

For live music lovers, Live at Leeds really is a treat. It’s a total takeover that will see hundreds of artists performing at around 20 venues in across the city. Party the May Bank Holiday weekend away while you enjoy a line-up that includes Spectre, the Strypes, Parma Violets, and a whole heap of new emerging talent.

4. Rocket over to Sheffield for the Snooker World Championships

Download our app and get a quote on a trip out to the Crucible to watch the world’s best snooker players break, pot and cue their way through each gripping frame. Enjoy the buzz in the host city that surrounds the action.

5. Scottish Six Days Trial

How about seeing over 400 motorcyclists putting their machines to a 100 mile a day test for a week on every challenging type of terrain and weather you can find in the Scottish highlands? The Six Days Trial action starts and ends each day in Fort William so that’s the place to see the riders rev-up and cross the finish line.

6. Victorian Festival at Llandudno

Steam on over the Llandudno as it fills its streets with Victoriana for three whole days. Whichever day you attend over the festival weekend, you can witness the impressive daily parade of bands, dancers, stilt-walkers and costumed enthusiasts. Explore the historic exhibits and listen to the sounds of the 1800s, and the music the period has inspired, performed live.

Let us know which one you pick @minicabit! Get it all planned stress-free with an online minicabit quote today.