5 top tips for a weekend away

This time of the year can leave many of us feeling a touch lacklustre. We don’t blame you if you fancy a bit of downtime, retail therapy, or a few nights out on the town! That’s where the perfect wind-down weekend away can come to the rescue. Here are our top tips for planning a weekend away and bring back your sparkle.

5 top tips for a weekend away

Avoid the rush

Consider taking Friday or Monday off to extend your stay. It’ll either give you extra nights out on the tiles or a day or two to chill out before the working week. This is one of our most important tips for planning a weekend away, especially when you’re travelling a long distance. Couple that with dashing around the local attractions and you might need another holiday to recover!

Plot your course

Unsure where to head off to? Think about the sorts of events and attractions you really enjoy. Look online for events, shows or activities happening during your chosen weekend that would make the ideal focus for your weekend away. Ask your friends on Facebook for recommendations – they know you well and are bound to come up with lots of excellent suggestions.

Seek out new experiences

Plan to be spontaneous! Drop into the local tourist information office on arrival and see if any of their leaflets or tips grab your attention. Go freestyle – ask the locals you meet at your accommodation or wherever you go to grab dinner on arrival. Let a smartphone app like Foursquare, TripAdvisor or Google Now lead the way for the day.

Pack you mac or sling in the sun cream

Wherever you’re going, the weather will be waiting for you. Pack layered clothing and sensible footwear for tired feet. Pack some trip essentials like hand wipes, sun cream, an umbrella or something to sooth a headache so you don’t have the waste time shopping for them while you’re there.

Splash out or bag a bargain

Even if you’re pushing the boat out, it pays to make sure you’re not paying over the odds. Work out a daily spending money allowance if you’d rather keep track of your spending. Stay with friends and offer to cook dinner – you’ll save pounds and spoil your pals at the same time! Check out restaurant and hotel deals online for your chosen destination, making sure you’re happy with any terms and conditions first.  Remember you can save on your travel with Minicabit’s instant quote comparisons online too.

So what are you waiting for? You’re armed with our top tips for planning a weekend away and we’re here to get you from A to B hassle-free.

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