5 Top Tips For a Hassle-Free Business Travel

Nothing beats meeting colleagues face-to-face to make plans and build better relationships. For many of us, this involves a long trek to another city or country. How can you avoid feeling windswept and stressed out on arrival? Here are our tips for an easier journey.

5 Top Tips For a Hassle-Free Business Travel

1.    Make careful choices about the types of transport you’ll use

If your employer is keen for you to book more economical train tickets and flights, you’ll need to allow extra time for waiting, extra connections or possible delays. Be realistic if you are planning to work en-route. It’s very difficult on a crowded train or a cramped plane seat with very little space to open up your laptop. If you don’t need to work while travelling and you’re good with directions driving can be a much quicker way of getting to a meeting in another city.  It’s even easier to book a minicab in advance and get to your destination without any connections, cancellations or long hours at the wheel to worry about.

2.    Keep safe while you’re travelling

Carry an itinerary with you that contains contact details for each travel company and hotel you’ll be using as well as your employer’s travel advice line if they have one. Contact your hosts in advance to discuss the safest ways to get to your meeting venue or accommodation. Ask them for personal safety tips specific to their local area. If you’re travelling abroad take along photocopies of your personal documents in case they are lost or damaged. Plan how you’ll protect your personal and business data on your laptop, phone or in documents while you’re away or using internet connections you’re not familiar with.

3.    Travel light

It’s tempting to include all of your home comforts but it’s far safer just to pack a single carry-on flight bag. You’ll avoid baggage costs and reduce the risk of your luggage being delayed or lost. Consider travelling with a notebook or Ipad rather than your heavy laptop. Wear your heavier clothing and shoes for the journey.

4.    Keep connected

As you make your way across the country, or the world, you’ll no doubt be trying to keep on top of both work notifications and updates from home. Check that your tariff and network coverage allows you to keep in touch before you leave. You’ll be kicking yourself if you forget any of your chargers, and adapter plugs if you’re travelling abroad, so add them to your packing list. Find out if your train, plane or hotel offers free WIFI. If not you’ll need to ask if you’ll be compensated by your employer for any chargeable services you use.

 5.    Remember to include some stress busting activities in your trip

Take regular breaks if you’re working on the train or plane. Have a book with you or some relaxing music on your phone so that you can pop your headphones on and escape for a moment.  If you’re staying in a hotel that has a pool or a gym, take advantage of them and get some light exercise after sitting down for long periods. Accept that invitation to eat out with colleagues in the evening. You’ll get to know them better, have fun and be able to relax a little before heading back to the hotel room for a good nights sleep.

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