3 Top Tips for a Christmas Night Out

Whether you are heading to a Christmas party in town, your work’s Christmas do or just a meal out with friends and family at this festive time of year, here’s our 3 top tips for a Christmas night out to remember – for the right reasons!

  1. Organise ahead of time – if you are going out with a large group, why not get a menu in advance and get everyone’s order ahead of the night out.  This saves time and the restaurant or venue will be more than pleased.  It is also a good idea to decide how everyone is paying for the evening, as its always an awkward moment.  Avoid this and be upfront beforehand whether paying individually or just splitting the bill!
  1. Look good, feel good – it’s Christmas so why not dress for the part and get out that sparkly dress or jazzy suit, planning your outfit will avoid those last minute panics.  Start getting ready early and make it part of the evening, have fun, relax and give yourself a little pampering.  Go on – dress to impress.
  2. Stay safe – keep your phone, money and keys safe and make sure you stay together with your friends, especially at the end of an evening.  Booking a minicab ahead of the day is a great idea so you know exactly how you are getting home and saves someone being the designated driver!

Wherever you are off to this Christmas, have fun and enjoy – Merry Christmas.